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Serving Accountants and Management Consultants

The Institute of Chartered Accountants and Administrators is a professional body which is committed to delivering world-class support to equip accountants and business managers with the knowleged to excel and enhance their careers.


ICAA is the professional body and main reference point for Accountants, Auditors, Financial Controllers, Adminstration Managers and General Managers. They are the driving force in any organization.

ICAA members are typically trained experts in Accounting or Business Administration up to the Bachelors degree level or the equivalent foreign diploma.

They practice in all business sectors as well as governmental organizations and are bound by a common desire to raise standards.

To prospective employers. membership of ICAA is an acknowlegement of the skill and capability of the individual.



- To promote professional standards and guidelines to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of accounting and admininstration.

- To promote recognition and professional status for Chartered Accountants and Chartered Administrators through direct certification or examinations.

- To organize training programs, professional examinations and publish educational materials to develop Professional Accountants and Professional Administrators.

- To implement a code of ethical standards for Chartered Accountants and Chartered Administrators.

- To affliate with reputable educational representatives, colleges and universities worldwide in order to advance the knowledge of Accounting, Management and Administration.



Cost of certification and membership are as follows:

FELLOWS Certification $350.00 (Two Certicates)
Annual Membership Subscription: $50.00

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Certificate $240.00 (Two Certificates)
Annual Membership Subscription: $50.00

Non-payment of annual membership subscription results in withdrawals of membership.

Certificate and membership will confer the benefit of using FCAA/ACAA credentials after your name.

Recommeded candidates by the International Regional Managers will be considered by ICAA. Successful candidates will be contacted through via email.

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